I have come to rely on FEHRS for all my general construction needs before, during and even after a project is complete, and I can count on them to do the work in a timely and workman like manner each and every time.  There are a lot of general contractors and construction companies operating out there, but with FEHRS you can count to make the job right and stand behind there work.

Abel Salazar, General Manager
Salazar Services
Midland TX

I have completed 3 projects with FEHRS and all three were on time and budget. I would hire them again for any project and they are one of the most respected company’s in our area because they are fair and will work through any problem with the job or add on projects. They are one company that I have never had to call and ask why they weren’t on the job, they were on the job even through the winter days that I thought they would cancel. FEHRS is a very responsible and reliable. The crew I worked with on this last project were construction crews on previous projects. My superintendent on this last project was Ben Peters and the salesman was John Letkeman and they work for Bobby Teichroeb. I will say these gentlemen and the FEHRS group will be an asset on your job site.

Darrell Berlin, , Disrict Manager
Control Flow, Inc.
Odessa TX

I have been impressed with your promptness and attention to detail. You and your people did exactly what they said they would and we are very happy with the office you have built for us.

Nick Bamert, President
Bamert Seed Company

Muleshoe TX

On behalf of the city of Seminole and its citizens, we would like to commend your firm for the work you did on two of our intersections that were in dire need of being rebuilt. You were able to do the in less than half the time that a standard street construction crew would have been able to do it and in addition, your bid was considerably cheaper than your competitors.

We want to thank you for a job well done and for the fact that you were able to save our taxpayers a considerable amount of money. We certainly look forward working with you on other projects in the future.

Wayne Mixon – Mayor, Rey Saldana, Michel Powers, Chet Clark, Lloyd Glass, Kenneth Newcomb

This letter serves to recommend FEHRS for construction and dirt work projects performed for West Gaines Seed, Inc. FEHRS has worked with WGS for 10+ years in many different aspects from building and designing new warehouses and offices as well as dirt work and paving.

Fehr’s is one of the best construction companies in West Texas, Permian Basin, and Eastern New Mexico. FEHRS is great at design options in the planning stage thru completion of the project. All interaction’s with Fehr’s is very professional through the multiple phases of the projects.

At WGS the bar is set high for businesses that we do business with. Obviously, construction and building is a highly competitive field in the area where we are located within the oil field. Each time our company sets a target or completion date, we knew FEHRS would be the company that will meet the demands.

It was always a pleasure to have FEHRS involved in building projects at WGS. They are a friendly, high-energy company with a great sense of class and ethics.

Nathan Stence, General Manager
West Gaines Seed, Inc.
Seminole TX