Our Services

Our Services

FEHRS is the premiere construction service provider in West Texas. The services we offer meet and exceed the demands of a wide variety of industries that expect quality and precision. Our project managers and superintendents work with experienced team members to construct buildings that stand up to the test of time. You can be assured that a building built by FEHRS will be constructed with a solid committment to detail and unwavering attention to customer service.

FEHRS team members have accumulated vast experience and specialization in the construction industry. Not only do we guarantee you a quality product, but we guarantee that it will meet or exceed your expectations. Utilizing this experience and a committment to teamwork and quality, here are just a few of the services we offer:

In-House Design

Our in-house design team can take your ideas and dreams for your next metal building and turn them into reality. Through advanced technology and proven software, our team can make even the most challenging construction projects come to life.

Civil Construction

Working with counties and cities to complete municipal projects can be challenging. Each project has specific requirements that need laser focus and FEHRS contractors spend the extra time necessary to make sure they are done right.


There are many industrial areas that demand quality construction of their facilities. FEHRS works with clients to assure that their project receives the attention it deserves and is completed on-time and on-budget.


Manufacturing facilities need a company that is able to complete significant projects within the time that is agreed upon. At FEHRS, your next facility will be completed within budget constraints, on-time and with the highest quality.

Retail / Commercial

Retail and commercial facilities are vital, not only to the customers that come there, but to the investors that put their finances on the line to make them happen. Quality and user-friendliness are paramount in making these projects successful.


In an industry that demands precision and accuracy, FEHRS provides aviation facilities that are constructed with quality and attention to detail. With the money invested in these planes, they require a quality facility to house them.


Paint facilities constructed with high-quality components are important to this industry as they need to provide an environment for application that will limit exposure to wind, dust and other contaminants that may affect their quality.


Our community buildings are essential to providing citizens a place to worship, learn and play. Construction of these projects are highly detailed and require constant attention by our dedicated project managers and superintendents.


Companies need to make a statement about the quality of their own product or service. The best way to impact customers' immediate opinions about their company is by constructing a corporate office that demonstrates quality and style.